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Christina Jones

Christina Jones has written all of her life (as well as having millions of Proper Jobs including factory worker, secretary, nightclub dancer, blood donor attendant, barmaid, waitress, civil servant and fruit picker) Christina first had a short story published when she was just 14 years old. She has written for teenage and women’s magazines – fiction and non-fiction – for a number of years, had her own humour column in The Oxford Times, and has contributed to national newspapers. 

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Chick Lit Lovers Vol One

Five full length novels from best-selling contemporary women's fiction authors in one boxset 

Christmas at Sandcastle Cottage

 A seasonal short story by Christina Jones

Dancing in the Moonlight

From Deepest Berkshire to gorgeous Jersey: horse racing, big business skulduggery, one wealthy and gorgeous owner meets one very feisty female jockey – and sparks fly.

Going the Distance

Meeting the right person and falling in love is easy – staying in love when the biggest hurdle imaginable is thrown in your way is something else altogether…. 

Holiday Fling

Perfect for those long afternoons by the pool, this collection features contributions from Accent’s best-loved writers, from sexy summer reading to rollicking good romances. Holiday Fling is the must-read summer ebook!

Honeysuckle House

The break-up of a marriage could mean the end of everything Rosie Brodie and her family hold dear – unless they’re prepared to pull together to build a whole new future with a lot of unexpected surprises along the way.

Jumping to Conclusions

Falling in love isn’t all hearts and flowers. Falling in love with the wrong person, the person you really should never trust, can lead to heartbreak. But no-one ever promised Jemima that falling in love was going to be easy…

Lavender Lane

When life throws a curve ball, the three-generational Phillips family find that change is not always a bad thing…

Mitzi's Midwinter Wedding

A Hazy Hassocks Winter Story

Only One Woman

A heady tale of romance, rock'n'roll and the changing world of the 1960s.