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Contemporary Women's Fiction

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In Your Silence

Book three in The Wildham series.

Not My Brother's Keeper

When Robert's girlfriend tells him she's pregnant, he disappears, leaving his brother, Tom, to pick up the pieces.

Sixteen years later, without warning, Robert comes home and Tom has to find the courage to stand against the brother he idolized.

Crossing The Line

Which lines would you cross for love?

The Magic Touch

A stunning debut novel with laugh out loud moments and characters you can’t help but fall in love with.


Ribbons in Her Hair

Families are never quite as simple as they seem. 

Before We Fall

When diagnosed with cancer, quiet ballet dancer Cally runs away from he old life to find excitement in London. Taking up a job as a stripper and flat-sitter in an office tower, she meets her neighbor; the obnoxious tattooed suicidal painter. He pushes her into new exciting things and she provides a muse, but secrets threaten to tear them apart. 

The One That I Want

The latest sparkling romance from the award-winning author of French Kissing.

The Bridesmaid's Dilemma

Fun-loving travel rep Jess is having the time of her life in Majorca. When a gorgeous group of stags check in to her hotel, things are about to heat up even more.


Waking is a dark and addictive read that will stay with you long after the final page. A gripping psychological thriller meets romance. 

Only One Woman

A heady tale of romance, rock'n'roll and the changing world of the 1960s.

Skin Deep

'An engrossing, poignant and wise story that reminds us how we all crave to be seen for who we truly are’ Jo Bloom

A literary novel set in Manchester, highlighting the importance in seeing what lies beneath, rather than beauty. 

The Truth About You, Me and Us

A powerful contemporary women's fiction novel about a strong woman who ups and leaves her life in order to get what she wants.