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Healing Love

Healing Love

EPUB, 131 pages
Imprint:Accent Amour
Published:28 Apr 2011
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Category: Accent Amour, Romance

A contemporary medical romance by Cara Cooper

Good looking and a wonderful medic, Dr James Frayne is a man with a secret which is threatening his work and his patients. It is up to feisty Becky Armfield, the practice manager at his surgery, to tackle him. But he's not the only man causing her problems. If her fiance Trent would finally name the day, perhaps she could finally be happy in love.

Meanwhile Becky's friend and colleague Dr Holly Parkes has mysteries of her own to solve. Like the patient who wants to find out why her husband is behaving so strangely and the one who cannot understand why money is disappearing from her house - not to mention her own complicated love life...

Arms laden with papers, Dr James Frayne rushed headlong through the surgery bumping into a lady coming out. Everything he was holding dropped noisily and spread across the floor. Kacey, the young receptionist ran around her desk to help him, kneeling down as her bright pink nails scooped up the sheets. Her pretty face was creased in a frown. ‘Are you all right, Dr Frayne? You’d better watch out, Becky’s on the warpath.’ As James hastily gathered up the sheets, he looked up to be met with a sea of expectant, agitated-looking faces. His patients. He was late ... Again.

It was the last straw. Things at home had been a nightmare these few days. He might have been on leave, but after all he’d had to deal with, no sane person would have called what he’d had to endure, a holiday. James didn’t know how long he could go on like this. His home life – everything he really cared for – was in meltdown. Pretending at work that everything was OK while his insides churned like washing spinning in a machine was unbearable. He tried to look his normal, self-contained, oh-so capable self. While inside he thought, I should win an Oscar for my acting.

Then, to add to the agony, Becky Armfield, the practice manager strode out of her office, hands on hips, and regarded him frostily. ‘You’re late, Dr Frayne.’ She was young to be a practice manager but was scarily efficient.

With a nervous smile at them both, Kacey handed James the pile of patient notes. It was good of the girl to try and make him feel better. ‘Sorry, Becky,’ he said in his sweetest voice, while thinking, And thanks for pointing my faults out to everyone in such a loud voice. A couple of his waiting patients looked tensely at their watches. Well, one thing hadn’t changed in the few days he’d been on leave, Becky Armfield, was still her usual buttoned-up self. He retreated into his office and rammed the door shut behind him. He leant heavily against it and exhaled. If only he could close his eyes and be back home now. There was only one place he should be. And that was with Lindy. It certainly wasn’t here. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. You can do this, you can get through today, he counselled himself. Just forget about what’s happening at home, you’ve done everything you can for the time-being. Now it’s just a waiting game.

He needed a few moments standing here, door closed, just to calm down his jumbled mind before letting in the first patient. His thoughts turned to how difficult he was finding this new job.

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