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The Betrothed Sister

The third in the critically acclaimed Daughters of Hastings series of historical novels by Carol McGrath.

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The Silken Rose

It's 1236, and thirteen year old Ailenor of Provence - proud, cultured, intelligent - marries Henry III, only to be seen by her subjects as a 'she-wolf'.

Entertaining Mr Pepys

Set in the world of Restoration Theatre and featuring characters such as Nell Gwyn, this is the third in the series about the women in Pepys' Diary.

Rule Britannia

A thriller set against five days of the Abdication Crisis in 1936.

The Eternal Banquet

The Time for Alexander Series Book 7

Book 7 in The Time for Alexander Series.

The Soul of Time

The Time for Alexander Series Book 6

Chants to Persephone

The Time for Alexander Series Book 5

The Earl Strongbow

Exiled from court, distrusted and indebted, Richard de Clare is a man whose past is greater than his prospects and whose once-great name overshadows his deeds.

The third historical fiction novel written by Ruadh Butler.

An Artist in her Own Right

Set in France during the Napoleonic period, this is the story of Augustine Defresne (1789-1842).

A Plague on Mr Pepys

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A fresh perspective on the story of world-famous diarist Samuel Pepys

The second novel in Deborah Swift’s trilogy

Set in London during the politically turbulent times of the 1660s

Laced with emotional intensity and drama’

Storms over Babylon

The Time for Alexander Series Book 4

Book four in The Time for Alexander Series.

An Argumentation of Historians

The Chronicles of St. Mary's Series

They say you shouldn’t push your luck. Max, obviously, gives her own luck a massive shove every day – and it’s only a matter of time until luck pushes back…