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Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson is an award-winning historical author who writes historical romances set in Cornwall during the period between the Napoleonic Wars and the Edwardian era.  Containing elements of adventure and intrigue, they explore Cornish life at every level of society and are emotionally-gripping stories of courage, ambition, tragedy, and the redeeming power of love.

A professional writer for over thirty years, and twice shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award, Jane Jackson has had twenty-seven books published (sales of her 14 Harlequin titles topped ten million in 23 countries and 19 languages) 
She has also taught the Craft of Novel Writing at all levels from Writers' Summer Schools and Ad Ed to the MA in Professional Writing at University College Falmouth.
Happily married, she has lived most of her life in Cornwall the background and inspiration for her historical romances.
Visit her at:
Her Facebook: Jane Jackson
Her Twitter: @JJacksonAuthor


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Bonded Heart

A tale of love and hardship set in wild and beautiful 19th century Cornwall.

The Chain Garden

A British historical romance novel by Jane Jackson.


Set in 1830 when high-pressure steam was in its infancy and exploding boilers on ships were causing carnage,  this epic love story brings together four people scarred by their past in a story of triumph over adversity and the healing power of love.


Dangerous Waters

A full length historical romanace novel which starts in England in 1812 and travels to Jamaica.

Devil's Prize

Fearless and unpredictable, Devlin ‘Devil’ Varcoe is a smuggler. His crew carries contraband … and secrets.

Despite his outwardly cold demeanour, Devlin is drawn to Jenefer Trevanion, whose father finances the smugglers. Yet ‘Devil’ seems to meet his match in beautiful, wild Tamara Gillis …

Facing the wrath of man and storm alike, Devlin risks the lives of himself and his crew as they undertake a secret mission, when he is presented him with a terrible choice …

Eye of the Wind

A British historical romance novel by Jane Jackson set in Cornwall in 1795.

Heart of Stone

When you're scarred by the past it takes courage to be happy.

The Iron Road

A full length historical romance novel by Jane Jackson set in England in 1865. 

The Master's Wife

The Captain's Honour - Volume Two

A Place of Birds

A full length historical romance novel which starts in Victorian England and moves to the mountains of China.

The Consul's Daughter

The Consul’s Daughter is the first in Jane Jackson’s epic new historical series, The Captain’s Honour.

Tide of Fortune

Jane Jackson's book, Tide of Fortune, is a thrilling adventure story set on the high seas.

Wishing on a Star

Christmas comes but once a year … so get into the mood with this fantastic feast of festive tales.

With some brilliant short stories from best-selling authors, there’s something for everyone: Yuletide laughs from Christina Jones and Tricia Maw, an Edwardian Advent from Caroline Dunford, some Christmas criminality from Bill Kitson and Marsali Taylor, and heart-warming episodes from Jane Wenham-Jones, Jane Risdon, and Jane Jackson, ’tis the season for jolly good reading!