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Silent as the Grave

Silent as the Grave

Paperback, 282 pages
Imprint:Accent Press
Published:18 Apr 2018
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A chilling tale of murder, madness, and what happens when ghosts from the past won’t stay in their graves.

When former journalist Adam Bailey agrees to spend Christmas at ancient Mulgrave Castle, he knows there is an ulterior motive behind the invitation. His old flame, Harriet, and her husband, Sir Anthony Rowe, want Adam to investigate the legend of an old family curse – a curse said to have claimed several victims, and which may be due to strike again …

Soon, heavy snow cuts off the castle from the outside world, and the guests become aware that the curse has indeed claimed a new victim – but how? Adam, aided by Harriet’s feisty sister Eve, seeks to discover if the death is linked to the mysterious disappearances that have occurred over the centuries.

Is there the usual foul play afoot – or is someone powerless to resist the force of a far older evil?

I listened once more, willing myself to concentrate and it seemed to me that my earlier impression had been right. There had been two sounds. One was definitely the sound of someone breathing but mixed in with it was the noise of what could almost be quiet sobbing. It was a sound this dread chamber must have heard many times before but the shock of it sent my senses reeling. Was it my overworked imagination? Was I coming close to the end, to passing beyond this life? Was I hearing the sound of the ghosts of all those victims who had been here before? I summoned up what tattered remnant of courage I still retained. ‘Who’s there?’ I asked.

The sobbing ceased and silence returned. ‘Who is it? Please answer me. I’m Adam, Adam Bailey. Who are you?’

I had half convinced myself I was trying to talk to a spectre when a tearful, despairing voice answered me. ‘Adam, it’s me,’ she said, her voice trembling with fear. ‘Where are we, Adam? I can’t see anything. Why have we been put in this place?’

'Extremely entertaining and very readable, with a variety of excellent characters and enough twists and turns to chill you to the bone! I can't wait for book two.'


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18 Apr 2018
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